For Chocolate Lovers

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Dark, velvety, and delicious, chocolate is the ultimate sweet treat. In Lanark County, you’ll find award-winning chocolateries creating sweet and delicious chocolate treats that will satisfy even the most persistent chocolate cravings. 

Of course, the chocolate story doesn’t end there – you’ll find chocolate undertones appears in unexpected places in Lanark County. Whether it’s decadent chocolate desserts, sweet baked goods, delightful truffles, or a dark and delectable maple-chocolate beer, the Chocolate Lovers Trail is a cocoa adventure. 

Discover new depths to your love affair with chocolate right here in Lanark County!

Visit our chocolateries:
Black Tartan Kitchen (dessert)
Cartwright Springs (chocolate beer)
C’est Tout Bakery (chocolate croissants)
Equator Coffee Roasters (hot chocolate)
Hummingbird Chocolate Maker
Maximilian’s (dessert)
Michael’s Table (dessert)
Penny’s Fudge (chocolate fudge)
Perth Brewery (chocolate beer)
Perth Chocolate Works
The Stone Cellar (dessert)
Tweed Visitor Centre (chocolate sample)

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