4 reasons why food and drink make the best gifts

There are a few schools of thought on gift giving – those who think the gift should be something that will last and last, and those who think the gift should be about an experience. Both schools of thought are right in their own way – gifting someone with a food and drink experience is a fun and different gift, and gifting someone with a locally produced edible or treat says so much more than a  commercial gift.

Here at the Sip & Savour Trail, we think that a food and drink experience or local product is one of the best gifts you can receive.

When you tour the Sip  & Savour Trail, you’re embarking on a foodie adventure that will have you wondering why you waited  so long to visit Lanark County (after all, we’re less than an hour from Ottawa!). Here are four reasons why food and drink experiences make the best gift, and why experiencing the Sip & Savour Trail is a  good way to give – and receive.

1: Memories are forever. (especially food memories)

That’s worth repeating: Memories are forever. It’s a fact that quite often our favourite memories are those surrounding food: The dish your mom made just for you that always made you feel cozy, the first cocktail on a Friday evening after work, the sweet desserts that made every holiday. The Sip & Savour Trail is a curated virtual trail where all the best food and drink experiences have been identified for you. So over the holidays you can grab friends or loved ones and embark on a foodie adventure that will have you laughing and reminiscing while gifting you with new foodie memories to turn to for years to  come.

2: Calories don’t count over the holidays

Is that a thing? No? Sigh. Well, we think all calories accrued in December should be automatically void. Still, if you’re going to indulge over the holidays, why not do it with world-class food and drink destinations where you get to savour the flavours of a region from farm to plate? Tour the Sip & Savour Trail with friends or family and  sample Lanark County maple syrup at Wheelers Maple Products or Temple’s Sugarbush, craft alcohol producers concocting delicious brews just for you, and inspired meals at fun restaurants. The experience will be worth a few extra calories.

3: Gifting local food and drink products is a thoughtful touch

Can anything be more thoughtful than a local gift? Giving a local product often introduces people to new flavours and experiences they may otherwise have missed. It also says, “Hey, I saw this and thought of you.” I mean, anyone can go to the liquor store and pick up a case of commercial beer, but not everyone will take the time to go straight to the horse’s mouth (so to speak) and pick something up that’s made close to home, and with a story to tell.

4: Speaking of stories…

Taking part in a food and drink experience introduces you to the people and the stories behind their businesses. And believe me, these are the stories you want to hear! Learning about how they produce their delicious products, and more about what inspired them to embark on their foodie entrepreneurship is part of the fun in doing the Sip & Savour Trail. It’s an edible AND educational experience, all rolled into one.

So what are you waiting for? Visit the website and plan your route for the ultimate holiday experience. All you’ll need to do is figure out who to bring with you…


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