Tweed Visitor Centre

Smiths Falls

Hi. We’re Tweed.

Our Visitor Centre is located in Smiths Falls, and we’re serving up some of Lanark County’s best coffee. Lattes? We’ve got them. Cappuccinos? Got those, too. Tea? Why, of course. Come take a tour of our facility and see what we have to offer.

While you’re on the tour, see if you can spot some pieces of Hershey history. We’re proud to be set up in the old Hershey Chocolate Factory, a staple of Smiths Falls’ identity. You may have been through it in the past, but it’s changed a little since then. Definitely worth you stopping by.

After the tour, enjoy your coffee while learning all the things you didn’t know you didn’t know about cannabis. You can even enjoy some free Hummingbird chocolate that we make right on site. Sorry, there’s no cannabis in it.

More than 19,000 people have been through our Visitor Centre in the year since it opened, so don’t you want to see what the fuss is about? Come say Hi, relax with a cup of joe, and leave just a little bit smarter. Come for the education. Stay for the coffee.

After your visit at Tweed is over, plan to stop in at other Sip & Savour Trail destinations in Lanark County for a delicious adventure.

Sorry, no cannabis in the coffee.

Get in Touch

1 Hershey Drive, Smiths Falls

Business Hours

Monday through Sunday 10 – 6

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