Sivarulrasa Gallery

Art lovers will rejoice at Sivarulrasa Gallery, an inspiring and delicious attraction on the Sip & Savour Trail. Throughout the year, the gallery hosts vernissages and cultural events that combine fine art with fine pastries (an exciting combination).

Picture strolling through the bright, inviting gallery while exploring one-of-a-kind works by award-winning artists, using all types of media. The gallery works with both emerging and established artists and the bright, open space is more reminiscent of one of the galleries in Montreal, Toronto, or Ottawa than what you would find in a smaller urban centre.  From paintings to stonework, sculpture and photographic works, a visit to Sivarulrasa is an exploration of the senses.

And it’s not just about art at Sivarulrasa Gallery, it’s a complete cultural experience! Watch for special events at the Gallery, like their Culture22 series, which combines musical performances with visual art and fine pastries supplied by Angela Hui Custom Cakes and Fine Pastries, bringing together all five senses and creating an emotive experience for guests. (tickets are limited, please visit the website for more details).

As a supporter of the foodie scene, Sivarulrasa Gallery is also a destination on The Good Food Tour. While taking part in The Good Food tour, you can soak in the artistic ambiance at the gallery while sampling desserts (also supplied by Angela Hui Custom Cakes and Fine Pastries), satisfying your palate along with your other senses.

Visit downtown Almonte and see why this community is known for its art-centric vibe. Make Sivarulrasa Gallery your launchpad to whet your appetite (pun intended) for other Almonte destinations on the Sip & Savour Trail – in fact, the gallery is open to 6 p.m. five nights per week (Tuesdays to Saturdays) making it the perfect place to drop in before heading out for your dinner reservation!

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34 Mill St.,

Business Hours

Tues to Sat: 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Sun: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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