Thompsontown Maple Products

Clayton, Ontario

About Thompsontown Maple Products

Since the 1980s, the family-owned and operated farm, Thompsontown Maple, has been tapping sugar maples on their farm and making the magical maple syrup we all know and love. Beginning with just 1,000 taps trickling the sweet sap into buckets that the family would have to collect by hand, Thompsontown operations have since grown to 5,000 taps collected by a network of tubing that runs throughout the vast maple forest.

The Thompson family is dedicated to continuing to offer award winning Canadian maple syrup, sugar and butter to residents and tourists alike. All products are made by hand in small batches in their sugar camp, including maple syrup, maple butter, sugar, spices, suckers and more!

During maple syrup season, you can often find the family running between the sugar camp and the bush, but they are always more than happy to take a break to take you on a tour of the camp.

Stop by to learn how maple syrup is made and walk the trails that wind through the magnificent maple forest.

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745 Black Rock Lane, Clayton, ON K0A 1P0, Canada

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